SB Biotechnologies

The specialist of cheese flavors

The Expertise of SB Bio

With daily contribution from R&D, the SB Biotechnologies Division has developed its expertise in the production of cheese flavors. These aromas – complex, balanced, authentic and flawless -, are ideal for many applications: cheeses, ready-made meals, sauces, snacks…

Le goût

The Offer of SB Bio

The SB Biotechnologies range consists of many cheese flavors already existing in paste or liquid forms, and soon in a powder form to meet the demands of the food industries’ professionals. Our flavors are made ​​from natural raw materials like cow or goat’s milk.

The Difference of SB Bio

SB Biotechnologies has all the attributes for providing a flawless service: the expertise of a large cheese company, an ultra-modern production unit, a selection of high quality raw materials, strict process control… Flavourists concentrate all their experience towards the objectives of their clients.

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